Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Northern California Surf

I took a recent surf trip to Nicaragua and met surfers from all around the globe and when we told them we came from San Francisco everyone's reaction was the same, "You guys are hardcore."  It's an easy thing to surf in board shorts on a beautiful sunny day when the water is 70 degrees.  It's another thing to suit up in a head to toe 3mm thick wetsuit and paddle into freezing cold water on a grey day in known shark country.  It's what I love though, Northern California offers world class surfing, so who cares if it's freezing, suit up and paddle out!

The 3rd image in my series about the things I love most about living in California.  This is a portrait of Chris Reardon, a California resident, artist, and surfer.  You'll probably run into him in the water paddling out in Bolinas or walking through the Mission where he lives and works.

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