Friday, March 18, 2011

Anatomy of a Shot

It's a weird thing making images the way I do.  It's sort of like an illustrator - you make something out of nothing.  Very little of what I do is "observational" photography.  In fact, little of it is actually photographing anything the way it is - instead I just use pieces of the real world to construct a different one.  So it's like the way an illustrator would work, but instead of having the ability to draw something any way you see it I'm limited to the mimetic nature of photography - I can only photograph real things, and then construct them into something new.  It's sometimes seems as limiting as it is limitless...

I get into trouble when I fuss too much.  I'm like a teenage girl waiting for her prom date - he's running late so she fusses and fusses with her makeup and hair and by the time he shows up she looks like a scary clown.  There's really no point while retouching where I really solidly go "ok, it's done".  It's so easy to lose perspective when you put hours into an image...  I imagine it's similar to a painter putting layers of oil on a canvas... at what point do you stop correcting yourself? painting over, etc.  It's even harder with photoshop because you can literally edit forever... so when do you stop?

This is a shot I had worked on a while back... after sitting on it for a while I just didn't think the final image lived up to my expectations so I went back and did a re-edit.  In doing so I found some screenshots that I must have taken during the original process.  I think it's kind of interesting to see how these things develop so I decided to share the process a bit here.  The final version is at the top of this post and the working images are in order of the working process.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Introducing the New Project

So I rambled a bit here about this project but i'll reintroduce it.

I am planning a new project that will be a series of narratives that will all intertwine into one big story.  I will be taking this project one step at a time.  My fellow shipmate and awesome old buddy Nick Kiripolsky illustrated this image for me as part of a storyboard for my project.

There's more.... this is just a teaser.

The project that I am beginning with is Ch. 4: The Story of the Forest King.

The 4th chapter of my epic photographic adventure tells the story of a desperate father's journey to save the life of his son... and the sacrifices made in the process...

I give my humblest thanks to the awesomely talented Nick for doing such a great job illustrating these storyboards so quickly over the course of an afternoon.