Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back in Town, Blogged About, and a Gallery Show!

Well I've been away for a bit, traveling the great state of California in search of new and wonderful locations.  I traveled to the great American River, the Ghost Town of Bodie, the mysterious Mono Lake, the beaches and hills of Santa Barbara and the epic coast of Big Sur.  It was a wonderful and inspiring experience.
When I came back to San Francisco there was a lot of news waiting for me.  The first thing I noticed was the number of blogs I have found myself in.  I wanted to forward these on because if you like my work, then you might like these peoples blogs.  Check out some here:

The first and 2nd postings are in english, the next two are in spanish and the last one... i'm not sure about.  I love that the internet allows people from all over the world to view my work.  I'm particularly happy about getting so many hits in Spain and Asia, two places I've never been but want to visit badly!
It's funny, again, I love translating these pages, they always create funny and sometimes poetic expressions - you couldn't write this kind of stuff.  I noticed the 3rd link had quite a lot of comments which I took as a great sign of how my work can create discussion.  BUT as i shortly found out the first couple comments are about the work and the 3rd and following 20 or so comments are all about Lost, the TV show! I'm not mad because I like that show too.

In other news I'll be having my first gallery show at the Irvine Contemporary Gallery in D.C.  Martin Irvine, who represents a number of great artists like Shepard Fairey and Kahn/Selesnick, contacted me about being a part of a group show for recent MFA graduates.

I'll be the only photographer in the show and the rest of the artists are all really great and inspiring at their respective crafts.  The show is called Introductions 5 and it opens on August 8th -  I won't be able to be present because it's the same day as my brother's wedding! (congratulations Nathan and Tertia!) but if anyone is in the D.C. area it should be a great show.

More later!  Until then, and in earnest,