Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Odysseus and Report on Business Mag

I was fortunate enough in December to be commissioned to create two images for Report On Business Magazine out of Toronto.  The article is about investing and how our human instincts can sometimes lead us to make poor decisions.

In this first image our businessman ties himself down to his investments even though there’s an oncoming storm in the background. Much like Odysseus ties himself to the mast of his ship as they sail past the sirens our businessman has tied himself up to prevent himself from panicking and running away when he’s in the thick of the storm.
In the second image we see our businessman beat and torn but still alive and still holding on to his investments.

The moral?  Don’t sell your stocks just because it’s looking bad out there!    Oh, and go ahead and apply this symbolism to anything: friendship, relationships, careers, etc.

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Nyte said...

Great work! I've always been wondering how this dreamy semi-cartoon feeling is being added to a photography. Is this some kind of technique or it's just a matter of style? Can you recommend me some tutorial or something about it?