Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Father and Son

Here's a sneak preview!  It's a story about a father's love, a mother's devotion, epic beards, and the mysterious powers found in some of the darkest places.  I can't wait to unveil the rest but first I have to thank all of the great folks that helped out on this shoot:

The Father:  Daniel da Silva
The Son: Anthony "AJ" Viola
The Mother: Candace Myers
The Girl in the Woods: Heather Michaels
The Baby: Townes Jeter

Jesse Silver: Production Design, Prop Styling
Shannon Dunn: Wardrobe
France Pierson: H&M
Shawn Burke: Special FX H&M
Jesse Semler: Production Assistant/Photo Assistant/Key Dude
Logan Barrier: Photo Assistant
Matt Thompson: Project Sculptor

A special thanks to:
Terry Heffernan at Dogpatch Studios for being incredibly generous and running an awesome studio.  
Marcus at Scene 2: Couldn't have done it without these guys and their space, materials, and talent.    
Mary Zeeble for loads of things including hooking me up with a top notch style crew.
Kelly Montez for being critical and supportive at the same time.
Nick Kiripolsky for doing an amazing job illustrating the layouts and for things that have not yet come...
Travis Deuel for lending the wheels that made it all possible.
Danielle and Chris Viola for lending me their incredibly awesome and tough kid.
Nathaniel Justiniano for being the most dependable, talented and devoted dude.
Valerie McKenzie for being an awesome child wrangler.
Candace Myers and Mike Jeter for lending me their child.
John Merkl for the support!
Rachel Stephenson for lying for me.
Nate Helm for telling me where to find a tree.
Ashley Fenton for hooking me up with Matt Thompson, the awesome builder.
Jesse Semler for pulling crazy hours and doing crazy things for this project, we had a good time!
Anyone who supported me or this idea along the way, it all meant a lot to me.  Thank you.

An extreme special thanks to:
Jesse Silver for pulling 15 hour days with me for 8 days straight.  You made it happen.

More to come!


Anonymous said...

Hot diggity damn!

I'm psyched to see new work...especially with the anticipation it's loaded with. I'm anxious for the rest of the story.

Also, have fun in South East Asia...I'm looking forward to your pics from there as well.


Anonymous said...

The sky! It's the sky.

And the beard.

I want a sky made of beards!

Anonymous said...

Matt, didn't know where to express my delight and finally found this blog.
I believe you are more wizard, than photographer!

D, Russia

Matt Sartain said...

Thank you D! I've never received a better compliment!