Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Opening Night Irvine Contemporary

So opening night was a success! August 8th, 2009 saw the opening night of Introductions5 at the Irvine Contemporary Gallery in D.C. Here's a link to the show information show will be up for the month so if you know anyone in the D.C. area please send them out! There is a lot of fantastic work from other recent MFA grads in the show. I was unfortunately not there because I was in San Diego at my brother's wedding (congratulations Nate and Tertia!) but I heard it was a fantastic evening and event! Someone even wrote about what I do in words that I haven't used before, but I really think it's a well written and descriptive short review of my work:

Matt Sartain

MFA, Academy of Art University, San Francisco

Matt Sartain composes highly-detailed panorama photographs that present strange but accessible narratives, fantasies, and allegories involving a central figure in a deep-focus landscape. Each image is full of visual surprises and presents a convincing fictional world where nostalgia, the hyper-real, and the surreal converge.


Martin said...

Hey Matt,

I plead guilty to writing the description of your work. It's wonderful, and the prints really look great in the show! Congratulations! You have a great fan base here already!

--Martin Irvine
Irvine Contemporary

chrissy lynn . said...

congrats on your show MAtt! I will be in DC for a friends wedding Oct 21-25, then NYC.. I'll try to check it out! again, congrats